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Lovely autumnal sunshine walk at @WimpoleEstateNT today.

A quick video (5 seconds!) demonstrating the spinniness of the newly be-castored MALM.


A little 4-day project to turn spare MALM drawers (inherited in the new flat as a lone bedside “table”) into a hallway shoe-putting-on seat/surface.

It need to be less tall (by about 4”) and on wheels (there are lots of doors in the hallway: it’ll inevitably sit in-front of one or more of them).


Turned out there was an Unsubscribe on the BBC newsletter, jut not in the place I was looking for it. In correspondence with them, they’ve now added it also to the place where I was looking. Cool!

Annoyed newly-required BBC Account doesn’t have an email unsubscribe (which feels borderline SPAM-illegal…). Their only option in the account settings is to switch off all personalisation, everywhere (I quite like the idea of personalisation within iPlayer, etc.). My only option: set up an email rule that auto-deletes them all.

We wandered up over to the #JQFestival this afternoon ahead of the feared rain (which actually didn’t arrive til gone 7pm). Saw some good stuff, but feel we could have planned it better (and, yes, started earlier). Bagsied several new #TheBigSleuth bears though, several of which were rather lovely. 

Resisting more cake for breakfast (after last night’s supper slices).

Setting up relative dates when displaying posts on my site (not standard in the theme).

Today I thought would be my first GitHub pull request against the “JSON Feed” plugin to allow URL filtering. But no: turns out @konstruktors had already added a more generic json_feed_item filter back in mid-May. Good job I checked!

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